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“Welcome to Dera Coffee, where we’re dedicated to igniting your senses with the thrilling adventure of aroma! We’re deeply passionate about handcrafting the most exquisite coffee, espresso, and mouthwatering Arabic delights, all designed to transport you to a realm of pure flavor and delight. Come embark on a tantalizing journey of taste with us, where every sip and every bite unveils a world of rich, authentic experiences. Your adventure awaits!”

A World Of Taste Awaits

“Indulge in the extraordinary at De Ra, where every cup is a flavor-filled voyage like no other. Our handcrafted beverages, crafted with the finest ingredients, promise to delight your taste buds and take you on a one-of-a-kind journey. Our unwavering dedication to quality and the art of coffee-making guarantees that every sip is a delightful exploration of taste and aroma. Join us and savor the exceptional experience that sets us apart.”

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Handcrafted Exotic Flavors

“Welcome to De Ra Coffee, where we’re dedicated to crafting unforgettable moments with every visit. As you step through our doors, our warm and friendly staff will welcome you into a world of bold and indulgent flavors. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or simply seeking a relaxing retreat, De Ra Coffee is your perfect destination. Join us and experience the distinct taste that will make us your new favorite coffee shop.”

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The Ultimate Coffee Experience

“At De Ra, we’re on a mission to bring the ultimate coffee experience to everyone. Our handcrafted espresso drinks and traditional Arabic coffee, infused with exotic spices, are meticulously prepared using the finest ingredients by our skilled baristas who truly master the art of brewing. Explore our menu and treat yourself to a taste of pure delight!”

Words from Our Satisfied Guests

"This place is amazing! This was my first time here, and I got the Spanish latte, and it was amazing! I also got the breakfast sandwich, and that was also very good. The atmosphere of this place was amazing; it honestly is the perfect atmosphere for studying. Plenty of outlets and tables. There's also a lounge area if you just want to chat & small patio area with outside seating.
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apollo nguyen
"One of the best coffee places I've ever been to. Their signature drinks are mind-blowing, the ambiance is amazing, and the service is professional and friendly. They have a good selection of sweet baked items and savory items as well. As a picky person who likes to eat and drink things made from scratch, I love this place! "
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Ahmed Sharif
"A coffee place that draws inspiration from Arabic flavors, and I must say, it was a delightful experience. I tried their 'D-Stachio Latte,' and it was simply great. The fusion of rich espresso with the aromatic flavors of pistachio created a unique and delicious blend. I highly recommend giving this place a visit for a delightful and flavorful coffee experience."
Madison Putman

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